Posted by: r.m. | July 16, 2008

day of freedom

we awaited this day – and many of us did not believe it would ever come to fruition. even until this morning, when the Israelis wanted to conduct additional DNA testing of the two bodies they had received, some of us thought that the Israelis would then backtrack and not release Samir Kuntar.

for hours, we awaited their arrival at Naqoura. The moment they were released and liberated on Lebanese soil, a few friends and I jumped in our car and drove (a bit lost) to el Dahyieh to celebrate.

There, we waited for hours. we got hit by flags being waved a bit too strongly around us. our feet got stepped on in the tight crowd we were in. the smell of sweat mingled with the smell of pressed dirt. and despite all those annoyances, the energy level was high (akin to a rock-concert). The band played patriotic songs and the crowd of tens of thousands stood on their chairs and waved their flags (the yellow, the green, the red, and the red-and-black)

and then Samir Kuntar and the other 4 liberated prisoners appeared on stage – breaking through an image of a cage. The energy level rose dramatically! seemingly exponentially! and then Sayed Hassan Nasrallah surprised us all by appearing in person – rather than via a screen — and the energy reached the sky.

The speeches. More music. More speeches.

The heart of Nasrallah’s speech was his words on the 11,500 remaining Palestinian prisoners (and Israeli forces today kidnapped additional Palestinians). As Samir Kuntar stated, and as Nasrallah stated: Palestine is part of our struggle, if not the most valued of our struggles.

Today’s victory is the continuation of the July 2006 military victory.

we look forward – and await – (and possibly struggle and resist) – the liberation of all prisoners and the liberation of all occupied lands.

(* pictures taken by marcy newman)

note: i cannot but say: as strategic and productive as its military and foreign strategies have proven to be, hezbollah’s internal/domestic political strategies fall short.


  1. Samir Kuntar is the conscience of all Arabs!

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