Posted by: r.m. | September 20, 2008

Another reason to boycott coca-cola

“The first Coca-Cola worker and trade unionist in Carepa to be assassinated was José Eleazar Manco, in April 1994. The second was killed days later on April 20. He was Giraldo’s brother, Enrique. In the mornings, Enrique travelled to work on the back of a friend’s motorbike. Three men emerged from the side of the road and aimed guns at the bike, forcing it to stop. Enrique was dragged off into the bushes.

… Almost a year to the day later, another Sinaltrainal leader working at the Coca-Cola plant in Carepa was killed. His name was Enrique Gómez Granado, and on April 23 1995 he was shot on his doorstep in front of his wife and children.

…When the surviving union leaders were threatened and intimidated, it became blindingly obvious that there was a campaign against the union at the Coca-Cola plant. These men were followed as they left work, cards were delivered to their homes saying, “Go now or face death!”

…To this day the Coca-Cola Company itself has not investigated the alleged links of Colombian bottling plant managers with the paramilitaries.”



  1. Yes this is another reason to boycott coca cola–and all cola as it does nothing for one’s health, body, etc.

    here is the link for the killer coke campaign:

  2. the link didn’t show up i’ll put it here without formatting:

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