Posted by: r.m. | October 2, 2008

I don’t want your ‘eid mubarak’

Now, truly, this takes the cake.  Of all Orwellian tactics, of all saccharine propaganda tactics, of all bend-over-backwards-to-please-the-white man, this has to rate among the top acts.

What am I talking about?

On “Rotana Cinema” – an Arabic TV channel (owned by a Saudi Company) – I just saw a series of US soldiers and other members of US armed forces men and women – from their military bases in Iraq (and maybe elsewhere) – stand with a smile plastered on their faces and in their American-accent wish us a “Eid Saeed” and a “Eid Mubarak”.


If those soldiers want to wish us a Eid Mubarek, rather than give us words, let them give us the one thing we do want: their departure!

The disgust, though, is not so much with the saccharine words from those soldiers, but that this propaganda piece was aired on an Arab channel.

Next, why not, let’s have a fundraiser on another Arab channel – in between video clips – to send care packages to those overworked, tired US soldiers trying so hard to liberate Iraq.

And let’s forget that those soldiers are trying to liberate Iraq from Iraqis.

But wait, those soldiers mean well. They wished us “Eid Mubarak.” They even tried to say it in Arabic. Khalas. I’ve switched sides. I’m in support of the US military now.



  1. I saw the same advert on Al-Sharqiya TV which is an independent Iraqi channel that has problems with the ‘government’ all the time. I think this is part of the American liberation strategy of conquering the hearts of Iraqis. The choice of channels is noteworthy here IMHO.

  2. say it isn’t so… 😉

  3. Why should everything be taken in a war like way when ever we the arab countries hear something from an unarab country…???? so if they wished the people eid mubarak…they may have meant it well (or it could have been sarcastic) but non-the less they did wish the people.
    Anyway when the army wished eid mubarak they did it willingly its got nothing to do with the government or polticians.

    Sally El-Koussa
    EVSC – 100

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