Posted by: r.m. | October 3, 2008

more on Coca-Cola

Okay, so we already know that Coca-Cola is bad for your health (too much sugar, too much bloating, etc), and we know it is bad for your conscience (the company supports Zionist occupation, supports killing of union leaders, supports diverting drinking water from poor communities to their companies, etc).

And, you may know that if you put M&M in Coca-Cola, you’ll cause a volcano-like reaction (but in Pepsi, there is no such reaction) (By the way, I’m saying you should drink Pepsi. No. It’s also on the boycott list.)

But – did you know that Diet-Cola can kill sperm?

Coca-Cola douches had become a part of contraceptive folklore during the 1950s and 1960s, when other birth-control methods were hard to come by,” Anderson told New Scientist. “It was believed that the carbonic acid in Coke killed sperm, and the method came with its own ‘shake and shoot applicator'” – the classic Coke bottle.To see if Coke really worked, Anderson, Umpierre and Hill mixed four different types of Coke with sperm in test tubes. A minute later, all sperm were dead in the Diet Coke, but 41% were still swimming in the just-introduced New Coke (The New England Journal of Medicine, vol 313, p 1351).”

But – wait!

“But that’s not good enough, Anderson warns. Sperm “can make it into the cervical canal, out of reach of any douching solution, in seconds” – faster than anyone could shake and apply a bottle of Diet Coke.”


Check out the rest of the New Scientist article for really interesting experiments – including expensive Placebo pills vs cheap Placebo pills..



  1. Oh my god, i didn’t know that, especially about the volcano-like reaction when you put an m&m in the coke, but what does that mean? what do they put in the coca-cola drink which is different then what they put in the pepsi? and does that mean that we shouldn’t drink coca-cola and eat chocolat at the same time?

  2. WOW! cool i have too try the M’n’M in coca cola 😀 but if the coca cola does this why is it still being sold?????

    Sally El-Koussa
    EVSC 100

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