Posted by: r.m. | October 3, 2008

more on USAID

Earlier, I posted about how two provinces in Bolivia have expelled USAID and I touted that story as good news.

Here’s more of today’s news on USAID – and why building independence from such an agency is better for communities.

– USAID in Latin America:

In Haiti, the USAID is among a number of U.S. agencies that organized, directed and funded Haitian political organizations to provoke the kidnapping and grotesque eviction of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

In Venezuela, the agency was scandalously active in backing and financing the sectors responsible for the coup of April 11, 2002.

The uninterrupted squandering of the funds of USAID and its subsidiaries with coup-inspired operations is already in excess of $15 million, via the funding of hundreds of groups and mini-groups aligned with the U.S. embassy.

In Bolivia, the USAID program is focused on the country’s Balkanization and the funding of violent activities against the authority of the president. A few weeks ago, various farmers’ federations and five municipalities in the Cochabamba region, expelled agents from this organization after exposing their involvement in plotting a coup d’état.”

In Africa, yesterday, “The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) gave instructions to its staff in several African nations yesterday to no longer provide US funded contraception supplies to Marie Stopes International (MSI). MSI is one of the largest family planning organizations in the world.”

And in Lebanon, to gain funding from the USAID an organization must agree to not work with Hizbullah, and thus accept USAID’s interference in Lebanon’s sovereignty. But then again, that’s the goal of USAID — to influence politics.  USAID says so clearly: “USAID is  supporting Lebanon’s accession to the World Trade Organization


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