Posted by: r.m. | October 4, 2008

bizarre? perhaps it is all relative

Life is magical in its … diversity

Check it out: Nine bizarre behaviours from the animal world

hmm… i wonder what human behaviours would be rated as bizarre… 😉



  1. Those are some really amazing behaviors! I particularly liked that of the marsupial mouse, it reminded me of the “fatal love story” of ants. The males are so weak and can never make it through. It’s so not true in the case of humans 😛

    By the way, here’s another example worth making the top 10 list, it’s all about being smart.
    In the case of the Green bottle fly (Lucilia sericata), the female always eats the male once the mating is done; so the grooms found a way to survive the process and get the “Eros” without the “Thanatos”.
    They make sure to avoid coming empty handed, and bring with them a piece of meat or a dead insect. This way, the female will have something to eat other then her counterpart.

  2. Wow! And those are just 9 behaviours. I didn’t even know that such animals existed. My favorite was that of the Amazon river dolphin. It’s so sweet and gentle, kind of like humans, but unfortunately not all.

    What surprised me the most was the gentle nature of the Nile crocodile. I didn’t even know that was possible.

    I found it interesting how tha male marsupial mouse and the male leafvent anglerfish sacrifice they’re lives for mating;sweet yet tragic.

  3. I must agree that the dolphin is absolutely adorable!!
    The most bizarre behaviour among the 9 was the leafvent anglerfish… It shows how necessary reproduction is, to the extent that one parent commits actual suicide in order for fertilization to happen. It is yet another manifestation of this instinctive submission to the laws of Nature, the laws of survival, and reproduction.
    Human behaviour rated as bizarre in my opinion is the creation of laws, or to be more precise, the creation of “commandments” that defy Nature in every way.

  4. i think that all of these facts are interesting. actually, the octopus’ skills are the most amazing ones because they show its learning abilities unlike the others that are only natural instincts. the octopus can literally assimilate and understand a behavior then immitate it…

  5. Well about the octopus, other animals have shown similar behaviours, like mice who can follow the maze to reach the food, or monkeys that use pebbels as tools to break opn seeds…
    The only remarkable thing is that the cap of the jar needs to be opened, a task that the tentacles of the octopus would render easy..

  6. I actually found these things funny! i liked the jelous rat who dies while gaurding his female:(
    and now i even love dolphins more! i cant believe that some animals can be so romantic and sometimes more than the guys in real life!:p
    what is really surprising is that some animals tend to sacrifice their lives just to repoduce!and thus they also seem to think like humans by means of being represented through coming generations!

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