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Write to make water for all

Voice Your Opposition to the Commodification of Water

Ally with Food & Water Watch in an online debate

October 3, 2008

Dear Supporter,

Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter commented, “The U.S. government and its corporate allies clearly believe that water is a new profit center.”

Join her in saying no to water profiteering!

This is your chance to get in on the debate. Vote against the privatization and commodification of water by participating in an online, “Cambridge style” debate hosted by The Economist magazine.

The debate proposition is: “Water, as a scarce resource, should be priced according to its market value.”

We know that water is a vital resource, critical for all of us. The provision of such an essential public good cannot be left in the hands of corporations, who will raise prices in the search for greater profit. Tell the moderator that allowing the market to determine the price of water will severely impact the world’s poorest people, subjugate environmental conservation, and trade public control for private profit.

Join the debate!

For more information about the water debate, read the Private vs. Public report and others on our website.

The Water Team
Food & Water Watch



  1. It’s hard for me to see this issue as black or white.
    The main controversy arouses from the definition and classification of water: is it a good and a commodity or not??
    The fact is, as I see things, water is and is not a commodity. In other words, oil and gas are nowadays as essential as water and so “utility” can not be seen as the determining factor in this debate. Thus it’s not because water is so indispensable that it should not be commodified.
    However, if we considered things from a humane point of view, it’s almost impossible not to see where privatization of water resources may lead. Only harder times and a deterioration of life conditions for the poorest are at the horizon.

    I can only hope that IF this project of privatization and commodification of water ever sees the light, the issue would be dealt with according to peoples’ basic needs before the corporates’ interests.
    (unfortunately we’re not in Utopia. And in an economically unequal world, the only way to avoid more human sufferings is to avoid such projects)

  2. I was completely unaware of this dilemma. People around the world are becoming more selfish by the day. Water is not a commodity. It is indeed,in my opinion, a “vital resource” and hence no one has the right to control it except the public. I find it absolutely despicable that corporations would even consider raising prices of water for their own profit. I truly hope people all over the world realize what’s going on around them in time to prevent the privitization of water. I can’t even think what might happen to the poor people if this project succeeds.

  3. since the dawn of history water has been an essential need.
    however, looking at the economical and technological developements many things that didn’t even exist became essential. so we can’t just consider water as a necessity and give it to the public. the economy demands that water must be used and profited from; and one can still profit noticeably without jeopardizing the health of the poor by decreasing the gain per individual.

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