Posted by: r.m. | October 5, 2008

Buy, Buy, Buy – and throw away

Check out these pictures by Chris Jordan on Portraits of American Mass Consumption.

How different is our own consumption?



  1. today, we are living in an era that depends mainly on mass production and consumption, that’s obvious in the 2nd and 3rd picture. it is clearly a simpler way to live but its not enviromentally friendly.
    on the other hand, there are people running numbers and calculating there profits without realizing what they are creating. these people are making the public get used to this mass production, knowing that we can live with much less consumption.

    what controls our consumption and make it different is our economical status and the influence of the society that surrounds us. when we have more money, we consume more knowing that it might be unnecessary.

  2. “Desires degenerate into needs”
    Aristotle once said.
    Had he come to visit us, he would have been proud of himself, he got it just right.

  3. All I can say is Oh my God! This is just more proof of human selfishness.

  4. How is it selfish?
    (I’m not saying whether or not these pictures are reflective of “human selfishness” – but it is important to define what we mean.)

    -Rania Masri

  5. People always buy what they want but not what the need and our wants are never limited. We buy a lot of things that we throw away in a day or two wasting the limited resources on earth. Next time we buy something we should think “do i really need this or i have to have one cause very one else does?” 😀

  6. It’s selfish because I don’t think there is a need for all this mass consumption and mass production. None of this is environment friendly. If willing, I think people in th US and around the world could cut back on their consumption.

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