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Maid in Lebanon – slave in Lebanon

“Maid in Lebanon”: protecting the rights of migrant domestic workers

Driven by extreme poverty in their home countries, thousands of female migrant workers go each year to the Arab States in order to earn enough money to support their families. What they find there is sometimes not what they expected. , a film directed by Carol Mansour and funded by Caritas Sweden, the Netherlands Embassy in Beirut and the ILO depicts the gamble these women take when they decide to leave their families and go to work in Lebanon.


The International Labour Organization (ILO) Regional Office of Arab States – Beirut
Presents the screening of

Maid in Lebanon I” and “Maid in Lebanon II: Voices from Home”
Two Documentaries by Carol Mansour on migrant domestic workers in Lebanon

Followed by a question and answer session with:

Dr. Simel Esim
Senior Regional Gender Specialist
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Regional Office for Arab States, Beirut


Mr. Nadim Houry
Senior Researcher at the Human Rights Watch
Middle East and North Africa Division
Beirut Office

On Tuesday the 7th of October, 2008
At 8 p.m.
Location: t-marbouta,
Pavillion Center, 1st Floor, Behind Antoine Bookstore, Hamra, 01/352302


Here are some articles on this issue — on the racism, injustice, and slavery-like conditions that Lebanese maids are suffering under

Lebanon’s slaves, Lebanon’s shame

– Human Rights Watch report – Exported and Exposed – Abuses against Sri Lankan Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates (November 2007)

Abused maids die each week in Lebanon

African maids face abuse in Lebanon



  1. its important that we spread awareness about this subject in particular becauae it is something we are exposed to every day, i think i great percentage of us, if not all of us have seen foreign maids being abused one way or another, if not sexually, than physically or verbally and it is their rights as humans to demand respect and we as fellow humans no different then they are should offer it to them without them having to ask for it

  2. well this is an important issue because its even there in other countries. People are all the same and still for some reason we think we are superior to others in this case to the maids. All maids around the world are getting abused. Once when i was in church i saw a lady walk in and talking to the kids in Bangali language and she was very scared. We understood that she wanted to go in the church so we took her in to the nun after a few minutes we saw a man taking her back. It turned out she was a maid and was trying to run away but unfortunately couldnt. (This have happened in U.A.E – Sharjah). I heared that some of take hold of the maids passport too i dont think its fair….???

    Sally El-Koussa

  3. I like as housekeeper but am afraid.

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