Posted by: r.m. | October 7, 2008

heat, ice, and birds

2 stories on climate change in the news that are quite interesting

* – see it in pictures: Meltdown: A global warming travelogue

* what happens to the birds: early birds



  1. This is probably the first article that has ever made me almost cry. I, as a human being, feel ashamed of what is happening to our home. I don’t fear the welfare of humans; we can probably get through global warming(at least I hope so). What I fear is the fate of all the innocent animals losing their homes and declining in number, like the polar bears and the migrating birds that can’t adjust to climate change.

    What really got to me was one of Gary Braasch’s pictures: the peguins. They have a right to live on this beautiful planet as much as us, as well as every other living creature. But they’re losing their home because of our carelessness and selfishness.

    I was extremely shocked to learn how much carbon dioxide the Americans produce alone. I can’t help but feel that this is all their fault.

  2. From the 2 articles that I have just read, in addition to the pictures, I have some questions to ask: What’s next? Are we waiting for the world to end so we can regret that we didn’t even try to solve this problem? We are living now in the most dangerous war in the world. It’s the war between the nature and all the living species on earth. Is this a revenge for all our acts against nature? We are the only one to be blamed for this problem, that’s why, we are the only one who must save the world from this disaster.
    Some animals are in danger of extinction, others are changing their life style in order to cope with the new situation. This is for the time being, but what about later?
    I know some people wouldn’t care seeing peguins living on rocks instead of ice, but those peguins are living organisms, just like us and they deserve to have a normal life.
    I don’t really know what more to say, except that I’m sorry for what’s happening to us and to every species living on the sacred planet, the earth.

  3. I read the second article about “early birds” and all I was thinking about was: What about the other predictions?

    Will we reach the phase where we wont be able to control the effects of global warming???
    It was predicted that birds that didnt adjust their travel plans will not be able to keep pace with climate change…And It happened.Global warming is speeding life cycles not only of birds but also of other animals and plants. What about us?

    The real problem is that lots of people underestimate the importance of these predictions, it is not a joke!!! Predictions are starting to happen in reality, and the birds extinction is one proof!

  4. Meltdown. Here’s a very disturbing fact, but most importantly, a fact.
    We have always seen scientists falsifying data, blurring the public opinion, undertaking despicable experiments and going out with even more outrageous conclusions ( so-called studies financed by cigarette companies proving that smoking is perfectly healthy is one example to cite). Relating to Global warming, even the numbers concerning temperature change, level of CO2, their correlation and so on are highly debatable.
    But one thing that is definitely not is a photograph, and here we’ve got some of them just to make us think and start asking the important questions…….””since global warming is a lie and simply does not exist, how can we convince ourselves that these pictures are not true?””
    ¿¿Any ideas??

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