Posted by: r.m. | October 8, 2008

killing with noise?

Sonar transmitters have been shown to cause hearing loss, disorientation, hemorrhaging, and even the beaching of whales, porpoises, and dolphins.

– TODAY – “The US Supreme Court wades into a dispute between the US Navy and a group of conservationists over the use of mid-frequency active (MFA) sonar during large-scale naval training exercises off the southern coast of California.” The justices will consider whether the Navy must heed restrictions on use of sonar off California.

– But what science will be used in the court? “Navy Used Flawed Science to Justify New Atlantic Sonar Range”

– And who is taking the US Navy to the Supreme Court? “NRDC’s campaign to regulate harmful Navy sonar systems is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.”



  1. Whales are such gorgeous creatures, so gargantuan yet gracious and elegant. What is happening to these kings of the oceans on the coasts of Japan and in other regions of the world where they are relentlessly hunted is just unacceptable. So it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and alleviate their sufferings, at least by not interfering with their system of communication.

    The other amazing mammals of the sea, dolphins, are not less peculiar and interesting. Indeed, they have such an elaborate system of communication themselves that they can emit sounds on a range of frequencies going from 7 000 all the way to 170 000 Hz; whereas humans only use the range from 1 000 to 5 000 Hz.
    Another quite interesting feature of dolphins is their cranial volume, they have the largest brain compared to their size in the whole animal kingdom; it weighs 1700 grams against 1450 for ourselves, humans. On the other hand, if we study their morphology, dolphins seem to have been terrestrial at some point in the time considering what they still hold as “remnant” or vestige of their past nature: bases of fingers.
    Some scientists do believe that if they had stayed on land, dolphins would have constituted a serious threat for our hegemony and status of masters of this planet.

    It would be a great achievement if the scientific community could come out from this trial with something nearing success.
    The change we’re hoping for is not one that is going to alter the way things are in this world, but it’s definitely a change worth doing.
    Another tiny step on the long road of salvation…

  2. What country is going to attack the USA with submarines that the Navy can’t stop 1 exercise per month cause of a whale. @#$*!@ government.

  3. I hope this time we will not end once again in the classical result: humans winning over the environment!
    For me, this case is of critical importance because the species in question is an endangered one: the whales!
    By the way, many military actions were proven to have disastrous consequences on the environment-specially nuclear stuff.

  4. It would be wonderfull if NRDC could win this trial.It might not be much but it’s still a step forward. This shows that there is hope for the innocent animals, and for us humans.If we’re willing, we can change for the better.

  5. […] US navy vs whales Remember the US Supreme Court case which pitted the US navy against the whales? (reminder – here’s the post) […]

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