Posted by: r.m. | October 9, 2008

how is your immunity?

So, we know that climate change impacts some animals more than others — though the research is ongoing as to the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ — still, a map has been designed that reveals which species are most at risk from climate change

We also know that climate change has serious consequences on human health.  The latest news today reveals the 12 diseases climate change may worsen.



  1. I read the article”Deadly by the Dozen” and I think it was interesting. Usually, the most discussed effects of climate change are related to nature like the increase of the sea level, increase of the number of floods, drought, more intense hurricanes… All of these are the consequences of climate change on the surrounding, unfortunatly people tend to ignore the fact that these results affect them in an indirect way, thus they dont take it seriously… When it comes to this article, it emphasizes on the direct effect of climate change on our health in increasing the spreading of those “terrifying” disesases.
    People should start thinking that the harm of nature will eventually reach them…

  2. I hadn’t realized that global warming could worsen so many diseases. Many people may not care about global warming or about the fact it’s our fault because studies usually discuss the effects of this dangerous situation on animals.Maybe now, after they learn how it can seriously affect their health they’ll open their eyes and do something about it.Every day counts.

  3. Nice article, it really puts men in this duality, being both the aggressor and the agressed.
    Earth is such a closed system that no one can evade the consequences of a disaster.
    As Robert Stevensson so eloquently expressed it, “everybody, sooner or later, sits down to a banquet of consequences.”

    But let’s be realistic. It’s not because people are anaware that they don’t act or react…. For instance, how many young people, people supposedly educated, still smoke despite their full awareness of smoking’s negative effects??
    So let us not be naively optimistic. After all, people are so overwhelmed by their every day lives that long term consequences don’t stand a serious chance of alarming them and hence changing their lifestyles.

    Something on a higher level should be done, something more than just awareness campaigns and education…

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