Posted by: r.m. | October 10, 2008

Obama… a smarter Bush?

It seems that Obama has been slated to win the presidency in the U.S. — unless he makes (what is considered by the US media to be) a major guffaw.  So, what does that mean? A shift to the left? (or the left-er?). Less wars? More rights domestically? A less-destructive economic agenda? … Or, merely, a kinder, gentler, smarter Bush?

I was asked on Press TV today (to be aired tonight at 7.35 pm on Middle East Today) – whether Bush’s policy will last after him? Yes, I said. Just as Bush’s policy wasn’t that new – but Clinton’s policy on steroids.

“One California journalist wrote: “How does a young, black, first term Senator rise so quickly in politics so as to be standing at the threshold of the White House?” You will see that those who made it possible are not Weather Underground, or vociferous ministers, but are the people who will insure that Barack Obama will not make any fundamental changes to the way the United States does its business – here or abroad.”


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