Posted by: r.m. | October 10, 2008

where do i start?

In another interview with Press TV today (yes, two in one day) – this one on Middle East Today (and, yes, Press TV is quite creative in their names) – in which the topic was focused on the Hamas/Fateh potential upcoming negotiations in Cairo, the other guest (leaning more towards Hamas) spoke about how “supportive” the Egyptian government has been towards Palestinians.

And he said it with a serious face.

And then he spoke about the need for unity. That with unity we can then work to liberate Palestine.


But unity for what objective? with what vision? unity representing who?

Then it got better.

He spoke about needing to negotiate about the security service.

Security service. security for who? security for what?

And he spoke about the need to be optimistic, to forget and forgive the past, and to wait and see what will happen in the US elections.

If that was the perspective of Hamas – then – good that the Fateh representative couldn’t make it to the show.

No wonder I left feeling sad.



  1. mish ma’oul! is the guy delusional or just stupid? in what universe has the egyptian regime ever been supportive of hamas? i mean, can we even just talk about the rafah crossing for starters? the egyptian military using water canons on women protesting? their collusion with the zionists? or more recently their collusion with plain-clothes american military men who are hunting for gaza tunnels?

    i’m depressed. and rania never depresses me.

  2. […] more on talking news If you want to see the dialogue on Press TV’s program Middle East Today that I spoke about earlier, […]

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