Posted by: r.m. | October 12, 2008

more on talking news

If you want to see the dialogue on Press TV’s program Middle East Today that I spoke about earlier,

click here

(and thank you Marcy for your excellent advice)

In watching the show, I was struck – again – by the comments from Hani El Basous.

Here’s another gem from him: “Let’s forget and forgive the past.”


Forget the past? Brilliant plan to go forward! Brilliant!

More talk of negotiations with a party (Israel) that for 15 years (since Oslo in 1993) has demonstrated clearly that it cancels its own agreements, after getting the Palestinian negotiators to lower their demands.

More expectations from a US leader to stand with us.

The definition of insanity is, as Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


That’s the state we’re in.

But much of our powerlessness is our own acceptance of defeat.

Let’s seize some of the power back.

Let’s start by invigorating the boycott campaign. boycott Israel


  1. this guy hani is insane! his vision of unity only includes the west bank and the gaza strip?! what about refugees? what about 1948? his vision is so disturbingly limited. but i love your forest through the trees metaphor my environmentalist friend. why can’t they just say: all of historical palestine is ours, we will fight for the right of return and this is our basis for unity.

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