Posted by: r.m. | October 13, 2008

say goodbye, say hello

The Top 100 Effects of Global Warming

(thank you Rim)



  1. Thank You Dr. Masri for posting this article! I really found it very interesting, it is in the same time very simple and very important…
    People who do not know scientific terms are able to easily understand how serious is the problem of global warming…
    The tiltles are very attractive, and all of the 100 effects are described in an creative way…

  2. WOW! That’s scary… Every time they talk about Global Warming, they mention rise of sea levels mostly.. I had no idea the effects would be so specific… For a person living in a high mountain, I don’t think the sea level rise would matter as much as no more good wine, salmon, guacamole,or French Fries!!
    It’s an interesting article because it hits where it hurts the most : “Our food”.. I think it’s a great article to be used as an awareness campaign to take better care of Earth… It certainely got me!

  3. This is amazing, yet terrible. This article talk about all aspects of the effects of global warming.Who would have thought climate change would affect wine and french fries?! But it’s so sad to see what’s happening to all the animals. This article should get to everyone;it’s sad,simple and realistic.

  4. oh my god! I can’t believe that global warming can have terrible effects on almost everything in our life: starting by our food, passing by our passtime (such as baseball) and ending in our own physiology.
    by the way, I liked the way in wich the article was written….hello catastrophe! 😦

  5. There is no doubt that global warming has far reaching consequences, especially in terms of agriculture and food production. However I believe that the amplitude that is attributed to this phenomenon and its straightforward linkage to certain “food crises” (wine, french fries…) is simply over exaggerated.
    In this perspective, a simple sneeze could be “scientifically” linked with an infinite number of “critical situations”.

  6. That is intense. The bit about the Mediterranean Sea turning into “a salty and stagnant sea” is pretty alarming. I read that a Spanish journalist identified the Mediterranean as the most polluted sea in the world. It’s scary to think Lebanon, which is on the eastern coast of this sea, could be directly harmed by the soon-to-be extinct sea plant and animal species.

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