Posted by: r.m. | October 14, 2008

assuming and recognizing

  • assuming that we – those of us who can vote in the US elections – have only two choices (while, in truth, there are other choices, namely Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney)
  • assuming that the two dominant candidates will reflect – in some way – the promises or the positions they have taken (quite a big assumption)
  • assuming that this matrix below is neutral
  • recognizing that environmental positions can not be separated from economic positions or from war positions

here you have the breakdown of the 2 dominant candidates for the US presidency according to the League of Conservation Voters

Recognizing that there is much more to environmental positions that what is listed above, and recognizing that there is more to the elections than the small differences between Obama and McCain, and recognizing that candidates within the Democratic or Republican parties will only move as far as the people demand, it becomes critical to learn more about the other positions presented in this (so-called) election.

Here is the environmental position of the Green Party presidential candidate (McKinney):
We Want an Environmental Protection Policy that Works Now!

We want the range of production and consumption policies enacted by our policy makers to reflect the limits of the finite resources that sustain life on this planet. We want our forests protected and restored; we want sustainable resource use and reuse, and we want less waste to dispose. We want renewable energy and we don’t want policies that pit food production against energy production. We want drinkable and clean water, soil, and air. We want to live within our resource means.

We believe that the production and pervasiveness of toxic chemicals in our environment is dangerous and must be stopped. We believe that workers should not be exposed to toxic work conditions. We believe that communities should be preserved and that local economies using local resources should be encouraged. We must put an end to child labor, forced labor, and other illegal or unethical activity included in the goods we consume: for example, Coltan (Columbite-Tantalite) and other minerals mined with slave labor and torture in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the 5 million deaths, political instability, and misery associated with pursuit of unfettered access to the mineral used in our computers, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets.”

We need air, land, water, climate, production and consumption policies that reflect the real limits within which we must live. We need an entirely new paradigm that encourages us to produce green, local, and fairly; most importantly we need true, representative government that serves the needs of the people over that of corporations so that these policies can become law.”

To read Nader’s position on the environment – go here:

This quote from former NYT writer Chris Hedges speaks volumes: “I will vote, if only as a form of protest against our corporate state …. I would like to offer hope, but it is more important to be a realist. No ethic or act of resistance is worth anything if it is not based on the real. And the real, I am afraid, does not look good.”

Read the full quote.


  1. It would be great if we could realistically hope for a president such as Nader or McKinney, but the truth is: we can’t.
    They would not only bring some fresh air to the environment, as a manner of speech, but would literally give us a break from all the theatrical showdowns. Politics have become synonymous with corruption, lies and monotony; however things could and should be different.

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