Posted by: r.m. | October 14, 2008

how to deal with the heat

new gene found that helps plants beat the heat …

… “Plant scientists have discovered another piece of the genetic puzzle that controls how plants respond to high temperatures. That may allow plant breeders to create new varieties of crops that flourish in warmer, drier climates.”

i wonder what are the many possible implications of that discovery, particularly about the possible genetic breeding.




  1. Good news! That might be a promising discovery and a prelude for others to come. We might be able then, as the article says, to induce certain breeding paterns and thus the development of crops that would tolerate high temperatures. This would mean a new tool for fighting famines in arid areas around the world.

  2. I’ve written the previous comment.

  3. it’s amazing when they discover new genes, since the possibilities in the future might be limitless, developing species of different kinds of organisms perfectly fit to their environment, whatever it may be, cold or warm. As for this gene in particular, it’s importance is that plants are fundamental on earth.
    But still, this leaves the question: how far can science go in ” creating” new species? i mean how much authority can he have in breeding new species, and if we begin by plants, can this lead to ” creating” perfectly fit humans too?

  4. This is really good.Hopefully more discoveries like this will be made in the future. This could really help in countries that are warm and dry and in the future in fighting the effects of global warming. I just hope it doesn’t get to that. As Marc said, it’ll even help in fighting famines.

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