Posted by: r.m. | October 14, 2008

representing who?

who do you support: the merchants and the traders or the farmers and the producers and the forests?

A must read -> They’re Nuts



  1. This measure taken by the government (removal of import tarrifs on pine nuts) could be understood in the perspective of helping the lebanese people by lowering food prices. But as Rami Zurayk expressed so well, pine nuts are definitely not of primordial dietary importance. Furthermore, the disastrous ecological effects of the project certainly outweigh any social benefits.

    I do believe that pines are such marvelous trees, that the simple fact of staying indifferent to what we are witnessing, is a crime.

  2. Such a shame the result of this decision. The problem is that the makers of these decision only consider the economic side, regardless of what effects it might have on ecology, or society.
    Also, the quality of pine nuts imported from abroad, and especially from countries concerned solely by the commercial value (China and Turkey), would not match the pine nuts from Lebanon which are according to the article handled with great care.

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