Posted by: r.m. | October 15, 2008

Migratory birds festival

The Miracle of Migration Festival — World Bird Migration Festival

Saturday 25 October to Sunday 26 October

Hima Anjar/ Kfar Zabad Website


** Extra Credit for EVSC 100 and BIOL 207 students to go and write about it**



  1. I really liked the idea of the celebration, and honestly i am thinking seriously of participating. it’s something very important to honor these creatures and protect them while crossing our borders. the government has put some laws to prevent hunting birds but as we can see this didn’t stop people from killing these small creatures( even if they don’t like eating birds). at some point they call it hobby. how ridiculous is that!!! We all should contribute to the efforts of the government concerning birds by stoping our friends and relatives from hunting.( i heard that the government is serious considering allowing hunting the next season!! wouldn’t that be the stupidest decision ever taken or what?? )

  2. Many of us celebrate birds’ migration, but everyone in his own way. Some use fireworks, others firearms…

    To answer Elie’s fears, although hunting could be allowed (which is practically but not legally the case today), hunting seasons will be set. This might be a good start if we wanted to follow the European or American example where both hunting is allowed (within limitations) and bird populations closely protected.

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