Posted by: r.m. | October 15, 2008

privacy? Israel is listening…to the U.S.

“AMY GOODMAN: So you have these [phone] companies, AT&T and Verizon, that are secretly working with the NSA [National Security Agency] and tapping Americans’ phone lines, and these companies actually outsource the actual tapping to some little-known foreign companies?

JAMES BAMFORD: Yeah. There’s two major—or not major, they’re small companies, but they service the two major telecom companies. This company, Narus, which was founded in Israel and has large Israel connections, does the—basically the tapping of the communications on AT&T. And Verizon chose another company, ironically also founded in Israel and largely controlled by and developed by people in Israel called Verint….So, you know, you’ve got companies—these [Israeli] companies have foreign connections with potential ties to foreign intelligence agencies, and you have problems of credibility, problems of honesty and all that. And these companies—through these two [Israeli] companies pass probably 80 percent or more of all US communications at one point or another.

AMY GOODMAN: Despite all of this, these telecom companies still have access to the most private communications of people all over America and actually, it ends up, around the world. And at the beginning of the summer, the Democrats and Republicans joined together in granting retroactive immunity to these companies for spying on American citizens.”

Note: These Israeli companies not only gather and spy on all phonecalls by US citizens – but also all phonecalls by anyone in the US

JAMES BAMFORD: … I mean, the overall big problem is that there is a tremendous amount of eavesdropping going on. It’s all being stored, it’s all being analyzed, either electronically or by a human. And the public really doesn’t have much of—knowledge of all this that’s going on right now.”

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