Posted by: r.m. | October 15, 2008

which scenario to follow

The challenge posed by climate change could be resolved by a peaceful switch to a low-carbon economy, or alternatively inflict stresses that could include war and desertification of swathes of the US and Australia, a thinktank said on Monday.

Check it out –> Climate Futures



  1. This “switch” to a low-carbon economy can hardly be done in our fiercely fought world. No country is ready to compromise its growth and development for the sake of the environment. Not even the most ecologically militant countries, the like of Germany, can afford drastic environmental measures; since reduction in CO2 emission, for instance, will mean a severe blow to their automobile industry.
    We are left with the puerile hope of a global agreement whereby all the countries will miraculously agree on a shift of this amplitude…… and live happily ever after.

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