Posted by: r.m. | October 16, 2008


I just got it. I just received my absentee ballot for the US elections from the Wake County (North Carolina) Board of Elections.

Quite exciting.

ah… and it would be tremendously more exciting if Cynthia McKinney’s or Ralph Nader’s name were actually written on the ballot! Now, I’ll just have to write in Cynthia McKinney



  1. no offense but i don’t think that voting for someone who is not in the running is a good strategy… i do get the point, but i also think that you should rather help in electing the lesser of 2 evils, whichever that is for you… while i understand the “protest vote” i believe that sadly the USA has a system that is a bit too far into bipartisanship, and that even if an independant candidate were to get elected, he/she would be held back into the reigning paradigm by the house and senate majorities…
    by the way i would like to know what you think about what i just wrote, mainly because i suspect you have reasons for voting independant that i don’t know of…

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