Posted by: r.m. | October 17, 2008

what are you eating?

Where’s the Beef?… the media miss the story on food’s connection to climate change



  1. Wow!Who would have thought eating meat contributes more to global warming than anything else! But what’s dissapointing is that the media don’t cover this point,eventhough it’s probably the most important out of all the factors contributing to climate change. If people all over were aware of the damage meat consumption does to our beautiful Earth it would be a great help. People can’t really stop eating meat completely, but they can minimize their consumption. That could be a turning point in minimizing global warming. I hope the media can properly educate people on this situation before it’s too late.

  2. I think when it comes to global warming and the hall climate change we are living each day, everything is related to it. if we go more deeper we’ll find that the smallest insect on earth can reduce the climate change. Basically what it should been done is not reaching this point where we should stop eating meat to reduce the global warming. Honestly i started laughing ironically when i read this article, not because of the idea no!! we should do all our efforts to stop it, but because we let ourself reach here….

  3. YEAAHH!! Great idea!
    I’ve even got a better one, let’s all commit suicide and just disappear. Everything would be much simpler. No need to eat meat or anything else anymore. The perfect solution. No??

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