Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2008

ATTN: EVSC 305 students

My apologies for the class on the 21 of October. I was late. Again – my apologies.
I need EACH OF YOU to let me know:
(1) If you have class Wednesday from 12.30-2.00 pm
(2) If you have class Thursday from 2.00 -3.00 pm

I need to know the answer to BOTH questions so we can schedule a make-up



  1. Dear Dr. Rania,
    Wednesday won’t be a good time because I have class from 11:30 till 1 and another one from 2 till 3:30. Thursday will be fine by me.
    Thank you in advance

  2. like salma, we have classes on wednesday so thursday will be ok @ 2 to 3.
    thx doctor.

  3. We have class on Wednesday at that time, but Thursday will be OK .
    thanks Doctor.

  4. Dear Dr. Rania
    Thursday will be better, we have a class on Wensaday from 12:30-02:00pm.
    Thank you Dotor

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