Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2008

coming back to bite us

The number of tiger attacks on people is growing in India’s Sundarban islands as habitat loss and dwindling prey caused by climate change drives them to prowl into villages for food … Owing to global warming, the fragile Sundarbans lost 28 percent of its habitat in the last 40 years. A part of it is the core tiger reserve area from where their prey migrated”



  1. Climate change and habitat loss will put people and the natural world face to face once again. But this time things have changed so dramatically, that by having the upper hand, humans are the losers rather than the winners.
    If we do nothing, people would die (the case of tiger attacks); and if we decide to fight back, things can only worsen with certain animal populations’ numbers already critically low.
    The solution is to be found somewhere in between.

  2. we simply deserve to be eaten by tigers!
    the article is fantastic because it shows how ecological things happen in chain: climate change leads to loss of habitat which leads to tiger migration and the attack of humans. If that continues, we’re the ones who’ll become extinct and not the tigers!!!!!

  3. The consequences of climate change are growing more grave by the day. At first, humans were being negatively affected by global warming indirectly;now it’s direct.We’re being eaten by tigers!!Maybe this goes to show “what goes around comes around”.

  4. Hmm.. It reminded of a documentary I saw about monkeys also in India that had lost their habitat and are wandering on rooftops in the cities, people and garbage providing them with food.
    Most of the ecology articles here are reflecting the indifference of people to their mistreatment of nautre, until they have to face the bad consequences.. Global warming and habitat destruction are solely the fault of humans.. As Reina said ” what goes around comes around”… But it comes back very strong…

  5. Well… we cant blame the tigers for biting us! We have caused climate change by our irreponsible acts and we have to accept the circumstances… The bad part is that these consequences are decreasing habitats, decreasing the population of tigers, and causing more and more damage to the ecosystem!!!
    As Serges said we are part of a chain in which the last member is us, the end of the “drama” created by us is reaching us !

  6. I knew that climate change would cause sea level rise and habitat loss, but it seems that its consequences are far more reaching than what I thought. Not only we’re dealing with slow direct effect; tigers are eating us. We should consider what are we going to be dealing with in the short run ( tigers’ attack ), and then wisely consider the future disasters we’ll be facing.

  7. i thought climate change will cause a lot of disasters but beginning to eat us was totally out of my league. climate change is causing the loss of habitat for these animals which loose not only their habitat but also their prey. in their struggle to survive, they turn on us humans and begin to hunt us down. this just proves that climate change causes a lot of disasters which are totally dissimilar and we should be acting soon unless we wanted to be eaten by wild creatures.

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