Posted by: r.m. | October 21, 2008

tick. tock. rush.

In just 100 months’ time, if we are lucky, and based on a quite conservative estimate, we could reach a tipping point for the beginnings of runaway climate change. … In climate change, a number of feedback loops amplify warming through physical processes that are either triggered by the initial warming itself, or the increase in greenhouse gases”

That article was published in August 2008.

So we have 98 months left.

Check out:



  1. That’s what I call an Alarming article.
    Well, even if the study were not 100% accurate, which some might even argue, ignoring it shortly and simply along with the dramatic situation we’ve managed to put ourselves in, is nothing less than a Crime against humanity.

  2. This is quite frightening.And truth be told, we put oursleves in this situation.We gave oursleves the 100 months time limit. Whether this study is accurate or not,I think everyone should read this and become aware of this time limit,especially government world wide.Tick tock indeed…

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