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check this out.

shortlisted pictures of UNsustainable living

The Prix Pictet is an international photography award for images that focus on sustainability. It launched this year and is presided over by Kofi Annan, Nobel laureate and former secretary general of the United Nations.

Shortlisted images will begin a global tour in November 2008.

View a gallery of pictures featuring in the 2008 Prix Pictet shortlist

Read more about sustainable living in our special report



  1. What can I say?
    If the “visual animals” that we are will stay indifferent to such pictures, why even bother and hope for a change…

  2. I’ve written the previous comment

  3. Sometimes people see their surrounding and say we’r fine.. not much pollution.. not much poverty.. pictures like this one shakes them and opens their eyes.. The important note though is that this photo is taken in Azerbaijan, but the causes of such chaos are international.. I mean look at the power line, the polluted water.. Every country is to blame.. especially if we are to mention that global warming affect Azerbaijan in someway too..

  4. These heartbreaking pictures make me feel shamed on behalf of humanity.Can you imagine taking a bath in polluted water?Karine is right, most of us look around and say we’re fine.But are we?

  5. i guess there’s no escaping the fact that our world is not as well off as supposed to be. to us maybe the full blown effect is not felt, but to others the pollution has damaged every way of their life. It is a very sorry sight indeed, watching humans willingly destruct their enviornment, consequently laying down a firm groundwork for their fall.

  6. These pictures are so significant!!! The most interesting one for me is the sinking house in bangladesh… The maid who works in my house is from bangladesh and she always talks about how their homes are getting destroyed due to floods! Now I can see how they suffer!!!
    All the pictures are prooves on the negative development of the world.. and we are definitly NOT FINE!

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