Posted by: r.m. | October 26, 2008

how would you solve this problem?

Hungry tigers and poor fishermen and widows



  1. As I read the article I jumped to the conclusion that the tigers’ new taste for human flesh would lead to increased hunting of their own species. I thought the killing of the fishermen and honey collectors would instigate a “counterattack”. However, I’m glad to see that isn’t the case.
    “The Indian authorities have no intention of relaxing the prohibition on hunting tigers, which enjoy endangered status.”

    This strangely reminds me of the book “Life of Pi”.

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  3. This is a very dangerous situation.Many people are being killed, but the solution isn’t killing the tigers. As Ashutosh Dhali said, the people love tigers and they are part of the jungle.That is reassuring because it shows they have no intention of attacking the tigers which are endangered.Since restoring the tigers’ habitat is unlikely, I think the best solution is for the people to move or find new occupations, as hard as that may seem.

  4. It’s like horror movies!
    I agree with Reina that fortunately people don’t hate those tigers and having been trying to kill them..
    nevertheless, it must be dealt with.. The people could move, and I bet many have already.. or, the tigers could be gathered and placed in a closed natural space.. or maybe not closed, as long as they have their freedom and food..
    What I found concerning is what Badak Sardar said about the tigers looking for human flesh more now that they have tasted it.. then if the people move, tigers will go to other populated areas..
    So the mos appropriate solution would be to trap those tiger in a natural area completely isolated from humans.. Unfortunately, this would mean that the tigers-humans relationship is forever lost in that area..

  5. It was sad reading about the widows. Their husbands simply wanted to work and live. What’s extra ordinary about this article is that after all the pain the tigers caused the villagers don’t hate them or plan to hurt them. It is clear to the villagers that their need for food drove the tigers to such ferocity. Moving the population or trapping the animals would be a perfect solution. Nontheless, the tigers wouldn’t have only lost their habitat, but their freedom as well.

  6. Very very simple…
    Scientists that we are, have very clear idea of the relations between endangered (weak) and “endangering” (strong) species. Whenever there are two animal populations, one threatening the other to extinction, we feel morally obliged and incited to stand with the weakest against the strongest side… Here’s another typical example of that kind: two species fighting for a space, one having a depleeted population to only a few thousand individuals (as the best possible estimate) while the other species, still exponentially growing, has more than 6 billion individuals and is adapted to life in most environments (since it adapts the environment to its life style).
    So…… as concerned environmentalists working on a typical cas in a natural environment, how will we react? who will we support and try to save??
    I’ll leave the answer to you…

  7. These stories are hust simply sad! but wat is ver alarming is that these people have not made any attempts to kill these tigers which have been hunting them down rather they just go along with life. i think these tigers should be captured and fed so they wont attack anyone even if it would limit their freedom of movement.

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