Posted by: r.m. | October 27, 2008

chasing rainbows…

I saw another one. amidst the gentle rain and the brilliant, silent lightning, there was another brilliant, almost complete rainbow.  soft colors of green and yellow and red and orange emerging as a bow from the sea.  it started from the sea and went upwards.  what a sight — to actually see the start (or the end, depending on your perspective) of a rainbow.  the fish must be having a joyous time swimming through the lights.  (science aside, i like that image). and the men on the large shipping vessel beside it must be having a luxurious, indulgent, easy morning to stand on the ship, a mug of hot coffee in their hands, and look at the rainbow, close enough to swim to.

what a beautiful morning.  another glorious morning of soft rain.



  1. Indeed a tranquilizing sight!!
    Winter comes with a lot of beautiful aspects..
    Coming down the hill from Balamand, you can also see the clouds making beautiful shapes and mixed with amazing colors (mostly pink) on a windy-rainy day..

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