Posted by: r.m. | October 27, 2008

The Arab Environment: Future Challenges report

“A new report about the state of the environment in the Arab world warns of fresh water scarcity, desertification, air quality and marine pollution among the top challenges facing the countries in the region.”

ARAB countries must take urgent action to tackle environment problems, through improved legislation and the allocation of bigger budgets, say environmentalists.

Efforts must be directed to solve the main environmental issues: fresh water scarcity, desertification, air quality and marine pollution.

The findings were revealed in a 260-page report, Arab Environment: Future Challenges, which was released in Bahrain yesterday.”

The report was written by the Arab Forum on Environment and Development — and they haven’t yet posted the report online



  1. Hehe! Let them, I mean us :(, be concerned by the violated human rights and the overwhelming poverty in which people live in many Arab countries, before even hoping for any environmental awareness.
    In this part of the world, ecological issues have always been so unprioritized, that we tend to think that the Environment is a remote extrinsic entity and that environmental issues could only concern others, not us.

  2. It’s a question rather than a comment: concerning fresh water scarcity, can’t we solve the problem by desalination of sea water? What are the environmental consequences of this process?

  3. The environmental problems we arabs are facing are the same since the beginning of our history. Rules and legislations are present but there is no enforcement of these in our lives. No disciplinary actions unfortunately are being taken by our governments. It’s like nobody cares about the future. What a shame!

  4. WE the ARAB con summarize our environmental economics problem in the following few lines of words;
    We are still unable to visualize that we are truely facing econopmic and social problems.Again we are unable to look at the subject from other corner,i.e., polutions that created by our policies and mismanagement of human resources are more danger than those of ,say, natural ones.
    can we able to understand such threit .no body know.

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