Posted by: r.m. | October 28, 2008

arab climate change regional conference

مؤتمر إقليمي حول »سياسات تغير المناخ في الشرق الأوسط العربي«
المنطقة تتأثر كثيراً بالتقلبات المناخية… ولكنها لا تؤثر في المفاوضات حولها!
حبيب معلوف




  1. I think that the Arab World is still lacking a lot of information about the climate change in the region. They talked about the problem of fuel and ground water, but they forgot to mention the fires, the droughts, the floods which are, in my opinion, major contribution of climate change in the region. Lets take Lebanon as an example. Fires have hit a large number of lebanese forests in the last couple of weeks, whether intentionally of by accident. What have we done? All we did was talk about the fire that have hit X and Y city, and how huge this fire was. Did we worry about the pine tree that takes a lot of years to mature? We have only mentioned it, but did we react? What about the poor equipments that the civil defense has? The problem in Lebanon is that we wait for the disaster to happen before we react. We say we couldnt stop the fire. Well of course we won’t be able to if we have only some equipment to estinguish the fire.

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