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no hunting in the south.

I like the conclusion

but I feel distaste towards the process.

Army bans hunting south of Litani following Israeli complaints about noise
By Mohammed Zaatari
Daily Star staff
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Army bans hunting south of Litani following Israeli complaints about noise

SOUTH LEBANON: The Lebanese Army Command on Monday issued a statement banning hunting south of the Litani River in a show of full commitment to the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701. “According to Resolution 1701, the area located south of the Litani River should be free from any armed presence, except for the Lebanese military and security forces as well as UN soldiers,” said the statement.

The statement called on the Lebanese people to abide by the Army Command’s decision, vowing to arrest violators and refer them to the judiciary.

But at least some hunters in South Lebanon were highly critical the move.

Hunter Mohammad al-Mahmoud told The Daily Star on Monday that forbidding hunting was an “unjust and meaningless” decision.

“This decision affects hunting lovers and gun sellers,” he said. “If the sound of hunting arms along the border region disturbs residents of the Israeli settlements, then it is an Israeli issue. We are just practicing a hobby we have been enjoying for a very long time.”

Recent media reports have said that Israelis have been complaining about the sound of shots made by dozens of hunting weapons along the border, and that Israel fears that some of the hunters might be Hizbullah members.

The UN forces have also complained of their inability to distinguish hunters from Hizbullah fighters, as both come fully armed, according to the reports.

Environment Minister Tony Karam said over the weekend that hunting was not illegal but added that the hunting season had not yet begun.

“The opening of the hunting season will be declared when all administrative elements are completed,” Karam said during a news conference on Saturday.

“We are late. The season should be opened normally from September till January,” he said, adding that hunting would be restricted to four or five species.

According to a source at the Environment Ministry, a decision to delay the opening of the season was taken because of a change in the migration pattern of some bird species that overfly Lebanon en route to warmer climates where they spend the Northern Hemisphere winter.

“Once the season opens, we will distribute awareness brochures that will help hunters detect the types of birds they should target,” Karam said.

“Security forces will be extremely strict in applying the law and whoever breaks it will have his weapon confiscated and be required to pay a fine.”


  1. […] r.m. placed an interesting blog post on no hunting in the south.Here’s a brief overviewSOUTH LEBANON: The Lebanese Army Command on Monday issued a statement banning hunting south of the Litani River in a show of full commitment to the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701. … […]

  2. I can tell as an amateur hunter that the rules of the Environment Ministry will never work! Eventhough hunting was forbidden, I kept on practicing my hobby; in addition, I don’t intend to get neither the special license nor the insurance card about which minister Karam spoke in his last conference. I’m sorry, but this is the truth :s
    I think in order to change my mentality and the mentality of Mohammad al-Mahmoud (we’re just two of millions), environmental education-known as green education- must be introduced in schools since childhood.

  3. Hunting is a an old hobby for many lebanese people, so they will never stop hunting what so ever. the rules or steps that the Environment Ministry is taking are so important because by this they can limit the hunting season; control the hunting weapons; and restrict hunting to certain kinds of species. As for Israel, i think that we have suffered a lot to gain freedom for our land, so we have the right to do what we want inside the lebanese boundaries.

  4. Hunting in Lebanon is like a tradition and so i dont think the people will ever stop hunting. Moreover hunting on the borders, why? what for? you could hunt in other places so israelies have the right to complain how would they know if the people arent from Hizbullah army. If the israelies were doing this i am definite the lebanese people will cause a bigger issue than this one. To make one thing clear i am not taking sides here.

    Sally El-Koussa

  5. Why would someone go to hunt at south of Litani? It is a sensitive area where the Israeli army is constantly watching and waiting for the first “wrong” move from the Lebanese side to initiate a strike. Here i do support Sally’s comment. I don’t think those people are innocently hunting there to practice there traditional hobby. No sane man would take that risk. Furthermore, i believe this is the expression of a “showing-off mentality” that was incorporated in some Lebanese parties ideology. As usual, they’re playing with fire, they could burn their fingers and possibly burn us too.

  6. well even though as you said Dr. the conclusion is good news, but the way it was reached, it makes me want to take a rifle and go south of the litani river and pound their heads with that noise that bothers them so much. i mean they have got one hell of a nerve complaining about “disturbances” when they are arguably the biggest Disturbance to all the neighboring countries. who do we complain to about that? but most importantly this is them looking for an excuse to air-raid us; i’m a moderate person and this more than angers me, it insults me and i’m worried that some will go hunting just as a provocation, which will give the israelis the excuse they might be looking for…

  7. I side with ziad not karim and sally

  8. Hunting should be or banned or regulated all over the lebanese territory, and not just in the South.
    On the other hand, please can someone tell me why would anyone go hunting in a war zone?!
    Where any gunfire could trigger an emergency state and put the hunter in great danger…
    So people of the South, if you want to hunt just come over to the North (that is not an ecologically acceptable proposition, right? :P)

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