Posted by: r.m. | October 28, 2008

where are we going?

The temples of doom — Population explosion, ecological disaster and weak leadership … that’s what probably killed off the Maya at the height of their powers. Are the modern-day parallels too close for us to ignore? Rory Carroll reports


  1. I would say that a crirtcal difference exists between our society and the Mayas’. In fact, whereas the Mayas, as well as all other societies of that era, lived isolated one from another, nowadays economies, politics and all aspects of societies are interwined that we would all fall together. However, in order to fall there should be some kind of external force, an invader, but the societies still external (in one form or another) to ours, have no status of invaders; we’re talking about the likes of North Korea or maybe Cuba…
    So, excuse me Mr Roy Carroll, but I can’t but disagree with you.

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