Posted by: r.m. | October 29, 2008

personal responsibility

“Despite a collapsing economy and complicity in a system that is devouring the embers of a burning planet, the privileged carry on with their lives, “unaware.” But everyone knows. Even the most ardent supporter of the powers that be is aware of what the government of the United States has done and is doing to Iraq, to the world, to the planet. …What am I willing to do to effect positive change?



  1. This article is right in every aspect.Every American should be ashamed of what the country is doing and has done to people around the world and to our planet.The people have the power to stop these crimes but are they willing? Many people are speaking and protesting but it’s not enough.

  2. Ah, but Reina, the US is not alone.

    The question is quite a personal one: What am I willing to do? What are you willing to do?

    -Rania Masri

  3. I suggest “all” readers and concerned citizens of Planet Earth visit for a daily “UPDATE”. You will be informed to where we are at this time and moment in “History” and where Humanity is headed too. As a write-in candidate for President of The United states of America you will vote for “Captain Democracy”, November 4, 2008.
    “I” ask all concerned citizens of Planet Earth to create as many tags to this site Globally at so that “we” can impact the events of Global History and save the World from the demonic principalities that hold hostage the human condition on Planet Earth.
    Also the New York Times allows comment on its articles on the internet and you can make comments and addto your comment this website at
    Thank you,
    “Captain Democracy”
    Robert E. McCullough B.A., Arch.
    “The Patron Saint+of Planet Earth”
    Coit Tower, North Beach San Francisco Ca.

  4. True, the Us is not alone.We are all to blame.But I can’t help but feeling that alot of the blame,if not most,is on the US .It’s a powerful country;if it can declare and fund war against Iraq, why can’t it atleast try to undo some of the damage it’s done to our planet?Then maybe more countries will follow the example.But as you said Dr.Rania it is indeed personal:saving our home depends on each and every one of our actions, assuming people will wake up and act before it’s too late.

  5. Reina:

    The question remains: What are YOU willing to do?

  6. To be quite honest I’m not so sure.I don’t think I even know what I can do.That’s so sad:(

  7. Dr. Rania, neither me nor Reina (and even you 😉 ) can take significant actions! Unfortunately, we rely on the “BIG” powers to take the decisions in our place!
    I can’t deny that there are some personal efforts; for instance, you are continuously publishing articles to shed the light on what’s happening to our lovely planet, but do you think it’s enough?!

  8. As long as they are not directly concerned and that the price to pay is greater than what they get, the people will stay indifferent or at least passive to any ecological issues.
    The only problem is that the equation used, especially that of the ratio price to consequence should be slightly modified where the two factors are chronologically separated. In fact, whereas the price to pay, the sacrifices to make, are or should be done now in the present; the consequences to suffer if nothing is done are far in the future and thus not palpable.
    Is our faculty of perception and imagination , in other words, our human nature the one to blame?

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