Posted by: r.m. | October 30, 2008

why so stupid?

“How did politics in the US come to be dominated by people who make a virtue out of ignorance?  ….

One theme is both familiar and clear: religion – in particular fundamentalist religion – makes you stupid. The US is the only rich country in which Christian fundamentalism is vast and growing.”

hmm… wonder how that applies worldwide? 😉



  1. Yes religion is the culprit. But I think we

  2. Yes religion is the culprit but we should also point out that it does not offer any fundamental solution when it comes to social and economic injustice. They may say something about equality but that is not really justice. Equality before the law does not make a big enough difference in a world that is fundamentally unjust. Another important point about religion is that it is divisive when we should ideally be in solidarity with each other.

  3. the US exception is always fun to try to understand… i don’t know if it is far fetched to say this so i’m going to say it anyway: i think that having “recieved” christianity much later than the europeans explains that the US society is somewhat behind ideologically… an aggravating factor is how the US deal with everything in excess (positive or negative that is).

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