Posted by: r.m. | November 10, 2008

ah, priorities

well, of all our priorities…

amidst everything that is crippling and blinding the world – and our own little country here …

once again, Lebanese merchants recognize the essence, the heart

once again, Lebanese merchants know how to reach out to people, both locally and internationally.

What is it?

Lebanon now exports the world’s most expensive chocolate

“The box itself, a beautiful, leather-wrapped cover that is hand-embroidered with high-quality silk from India and China. … Upon opening the box, the chocolate connoisseur will find 49 hand-wrapped chocolates ensconced in soft suede leather, separated by gold and platinum linings. In case that isn’t enough, each chocolate is adorned with either a 24-carat gold flower and Swarovsky crystal or a handcrafted, miniature silk rose. … The gold-plated plaque inside of the box leaves space for a dedication, which is meant to be personally engraved. … It currently sells at the renowned London-based department store Harrods, with the hefty price tag of 5,000 British pounds (currently about $7,824, but closer to $10,000 before recent drastic changes in exchange rates).”




  1. i demand you reveal full disclosure here! i think that before blogging about chocolate you should come clean as a choco-holic, don’t you? 😉

  2. yes, you’re right, you’re right.
    I must disclose.

    I hereby publicly announce that I believe chocolate to have the ability to cure (almost) all ills, and when chocolate fails in curing the ill, the fault is not with the chocolate but with the insufficient quantities of chocolate consumed.

    Nevertheless, as a believer in sharing the wealth, selling chocolate – and wrapping it in decadence – is offensive to my spirits. (which reminds me – since we’re talking about spirits – chocolate and liquor! perfecto)

    it is also – more importantly – offensive to the chocolate itself. beauty rejects such extravagant wrappings – since they diminish the beauty itself. Chocolate does not need to be wrapped in gold or diamond. It can stand alone: naked and pure.


  3. shukran ya rafiqa. okay, now here is my problem with chocolate. it is deeply tied to modern-day slavery around the world. and i’ve never seen any fair-trade chocolate in this region at all hence i usually stay away from it. unless of course you’re pushing it in my direction 😉

    here is an article about the problem from bbc:

    and an article from alternet:

    and an article about what one can do about it:

    this is why i tend to eat local sweets if i cannot find fair trade chocolate. or why i prefer a consumer mentality that is about buying local because it is easier to find out who grew it, who produced it, etc.

    so there are things one can do, and perhaps there can be more of an effort in lubnan to have a fair trade movement, to sell fair trade products, including chocolate…

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