Posted by: r.m. | November 11, 2008

eat salmon?

The Real Price of Farmed Salmon:

“Salmon aquaculture is devastating the world’s oceans and an international coalition of scientists, Canadian First Nations and tourism operators have called for a global moratorium. … Scientific studies have linked sharp declines in wild salmon populations in British Columbia to disease and parasites originating in open-ocean salmon farms. Millions of non-native salmon have escaped ocean net-pens in Chile and have become an invasive species, transforming the ecology of local river systems. There is little debate that salmon aquaculture is both unsustainable and environmentally destructive. Three or more kilogrammes of wild fish is needed to produce one kilo of farmed salmon. The ocean bottoms under and around the open-ocean net pens are usually devoid of any life, buried under the excrement of up to a million salmon overhead. … Like land-based factory farms where far too many animals are being raised in confined quarters, heavy doses of antibiotic drugs and hormones are fed to the fish.” (thank you Marcy)

Again: eat local. as much as possible. let’s go back to eating like our grandparents. they lived longer anyway 🙂


  1. The hormone-based diets are being used to raise different kinds of animals such as pigs, chicken and salmon as I just learned. Those hormones stimulate rapid growth of the animal which may be of big economical advantage for the farmer but disastrous for the consumers. What can we do in front of that? Do we stop eating all kinds of meat?

  2. I hope the sushi booklet is considering these facts about salmon!
    About eating local, i dont think its possible anymore! I live litteraly in front of the sea, d fish market is 10 meters from my place, and all d fish u find there (about 80%) is frozen and imported. Only 10 years ago u wudve seen fishermen lining on the shore every single day! u wudve seen nets being cleaned, people carrying fish in baskets… We don’t see any of that now, and its mostly due to pollution..
    Moreover, this salmon farming shows a decrease in variety of fish we are consuming, and that’s a bad factor, we should eat salmon less, and other fishes more.

  3. Wow. I’m a big fan of sushi..salmon in particular, but had I known how environmentally destructive it is to grow ‘salmon farms’, I would have quit cold turkey. I’m surprised because all of this information is either ignored or covered up. New Year’s resoultion: substitute raw fish for raw vegetables 😛

  4. Sadly, if we wanted to boycott all the “unhealthy” food items and meticulously examine what we’re consuming, then life would be much harder. I believe that staying away from some foods is a must, however we should avoid the obsessive side of the matter; just keep a right balance.

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