Posted by: r.m. | November 11, 2008

environmental refugees…

From The New Scientist: Five nations under threat from climate change, five islands whose inhabitants are going to need a new home soon.

And, in the news this week, no doubt: Climate change at the poles IS man-made: Scientists refute sceptics by proving that human activity has left its mark on the Arctic and Antarctic



  1. It is so sad to read about people abandoning not only their home, but also their country. This is all due to climate change, that a lot of people assure that it is 100% man-made. Who never heard about the Maldives Islands? Of course we have all dreamt about spending honeymoons there. Can we imagine that after some years, the Maldives is going to disappear? Maldives isn’t the only touristic country that is going to vanish. However, it is on the top of the list. We used to talk a lot about endangered species, but now, we are talking about endangered countries.

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