Posted by: r.m. | November 11, 2008

like sushi?

Well — try to choose ocean-friendly sushi 🙂

Dear Friend of Blue Ocean,

We’re happy to announce our new wallet-sized sustainable sushi guide, designed to inspire sushi lovers to make choices that protect our ocean. 
 sushi guide
With 32 color-coded rankings, sushi lovers can select species from abundant, well-managed fisheries (try mackerel, striped bass, or Alaska wild salmon instead of bluefin tuna) or try those species that are raised using sustainable aquaculture methods (such as farmed bay scallops or U.S. farmed shrimp).  Our guide is a starting point to help you explore new, delicious dishes and ask questions about where and how fish are caught.

You can order or download a sushi guide on our new, redesigned website, www.blueocean.orgOn the site’s sushi pages, meet author Trevor Corson and chef/author Hiroko Shimbo, our sushi advisors. Explore the science behind our rankings and learn about healthy, ocean-friendly sushi selections



  1. wow! I think “Jean-Luc” will love that book 🙂
    It’s good that some people love nature as much as their belly!

  2. Personally,i don’t like sushi but it’s really good to see that people care enough to whatch what they eat.

  3. WHOA! great.. i always think abt what that fish has been eating or doing, and where it lived while im eating sushi..
    I think its a great idea and it gives the consumer some relief about the fish’s source, all by making sure that we are not endangering any fish.
    It would be kind of interesting though to see people at sushi restaurant holding d menu in one hand and the booklet in another and trying to decide what to get…

  4. “Anonymous” is me.. Sorry 🙂

  5. I personally am not a big fan of sushi…. But its good to know that people are making efforts. This new tactic is really helpfull and allows those who care about the environment to eat sushi without guilt!!! i like…!!!

  6. I would be curious to see what’s hidden behind what we eat in Mc Donald…. such services, like the one offered by this sushi restaurant, should be mandatory for all restaurants… ooops, we might then starve to death 😛

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