Posted by: r.m. | November 12, 2008


What is five times tougher than steel, three times more elastic than Kevlar, potentially bulletproof — and  you can’t make it in factories?



  1. How many spiders did they kill to get these results?
    This shows how much we have to learn from animals, insects and plants.. How much knowledge and chemicals we can extract from them! The unique properties of each organism show how much is slipping away from us when a species is endangered or extinct.
    I just hope they use it for good ends…

  2. Spiders are magnificent! I always adored their webs, but I didn’t know they had so much chemicals. Afterall, we barely realize how rich our nature is, and how amazing are the animals and insects. It is our duty to let them live and protect their habitat. We could always learn more from our various species, so let us take good of them.

  3. honestly, i never liked spiders and hated even the sight of them. i thought they looked creepy and i didnt think they were that important. seems i was wrong. how can such tiny creatures produce this silk material which is stronger than steel and more elastic than nylon? a lot of scientists are trying to come up with this material but are not succeeding in finding them out. We really have a lot to learn from nature and other living creatures.

  4. So lillte we know, so much we could still learn. It’s not because we’re the most intelligent beings on Earth that we’re better than the others. In fact, we are admirative of the strength of the bear, the “art” of a bee, the size of a whale or the smell of a dog… how can some of us dare affirm that we’re an accomplished species when we’re simply so far from it?!

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