Posted by: r.m. | November 12, 2008

the desert can kill you

“Tourists will be banned from a vast area of the Australian outback for the first time this summer to prevent deaths from the extreme heat.

The government announced that the Simpson desert – situated in the dry, inhospitable heart of Australia – will be off limits from December 1 when temperatures are forecast to reach 139 Fahrenheit (58C).  … In the height of summer the temperature of the desert sand reaches a blistering 203 Fahrenheit (95C), capable of burning through shoes



  1. So the change in temperature is due to the climate change…why are people trying to cross the desert anyway? Did the temperature in winter change???
    Sally El-Koussa
    EVSC 100

  2. Banning tourists from this desert is the best way to avoid deaths in the area. I was wondering as I read the article if the increase in temperature is due to climate change? And if death incidents took place since a long time, why didn’t they take this decision earlier?

  3. I found this high temeperature which has claimed the lives of many very alarming. I never though something like this existed! the temperature is so high in the simpson desert that it can burn through shoes! It has gotten me to think if this is as a result of climate change, which it has not been stated if it is, then if we dont control climate change now will the whole world be like this in the future? will temperatures rise to such an extent?

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