Posted by: r.m. | November 15, 2008

love farmers?…

love farmers?
hate supermarkets.
Farmers accuse supermarkets of harsh tactics in price war



  1. Supermarkets are lowering their prices, and aren’t interested in the food quality anymore. When supermarkets are cutting prices, they are reducing the money paid to farmers and growers which isn’t fair. It will eventually lead to putting suppliers in a postions where they can’t supply them anymore.

    Dana Charkaoui – EVSC 100

  2. What most people are failing to realise is that most people are struggling to make ends meet. These big supermarkets are making huge profits with their managers and owners riding fancy cars. What i fail to understand is dont they think of their fellow humans who are working much harder than they are and yet are making much less income? why dont we, after making good income, atleast help others like these farmers that are being underpaid to atleast live a comfortable life. Instead, these suppliers are being treated harshly by being offered the lowest prices. this is very sad and i think it is as a result of selfishness that pushes people to always want more…

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