Posted by: r.m. | November 15, 2008

who would we miss the most?

Plankton, bats, primates, fungi and bees – which species would have the greatest impact on our planet if it were lost?


  1. I never knew individual species had such an impact on the environment and life.The arguments presented for each species are very good so it’s extremely difficult to choose which one is the most invaluable.I think they’re all invaluable because they all depend on the existence of one another.Life is a cycle;if we lose one part of the circle, we’re going to eventually lose the rest of it one piece after the other.It’s already starting.

  2. Great article, really!
    I think we’ll miss bees the most, not only because they’re the planet’s most important pollinators but because they give us honey…yummy! 🙂

  3. At first I might’ve thought lower in the food chain, bigger effect.. but then again life is a cycle, we lose one, we lose others. I must add that through evolution, we can spot spans of certain species, and naturally they will disappear at one point. There is even a certain period when many species disppeared at the same time. We are living fine without mammouth! The issue isn’t really about species going extinct, beacuse they will naturally. The fact that humans are increasing the rate of extinction and the fact that too many species are getting extinct at the same time must be more highlighted.

  4. Im anonymous.. sorry again :-S

  5. About the bees, 30% of all U.S. crops are pollinated by honey bees. The total extinction would destroy 30% of most crops and 100% of others reliant on bees. I’ve heard that in an Asian town, the bees left for some reason and the farmers now do the pollination themselves. It’s a long and tedious process, but it is being done. However I do believe in what one of the scientists states:
    “Not only will the world be a much less colourful place, it will also be poorer in every other way imaginable. The effects will be nothing short of catastrophic.”

  6. Which species will have the greatest impact on environment if they are lost??? This question does definetly not have a precise answer… All of the creatures found on earth have a reason for their existence, if any of them got extinct, it will have direct and indirect effects on the environment… We cant compare the importance of species because it is relative… For example,If an owner of a honey factory will vote for bees..
    For me, all of them are important!

  7. no can say if any species is more important than the other! life on earth is all correlated! and if anything happens to any kind of animals it will affect us one way or another although we might not feel its effect directly! so its not about the beesor about the mushrooms it is an issue hat includes us all as organisms!

  8. This really got me thinking about bats, I didn’t know they did all of that stuff.
    I thought they just slept all day in caves, did their hunting at night,and patroled Gotham City!

  9. this is pretty interesting!!
    Personally, i don’t think that bats hold as much importance as fungi or plankton.. but I would like to know the impact if there will be no more mosquitoes and roaches.

  10. I didnt know bats or fungi were that important!!! Its really hard to say which we can do without because apparantly they all contribute a lot. I used to think that life without them might be hard but not impossible. well now i know. After now knowing each’s importance i dont think a decision would be made!

  11. Who would we miss the most?
    There is only one way to find out, and that’s to do nothing at all. By being as passive as we are, we are almost sure to find ourselves in some decades living on this planet without most of today’s animals; and there we would know who we miss most.

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