Posted by: r.m. | November 16, 2008


Tonight (at 10 pm local time, 3 pm EST), for your information, I’ll be a guest on Todd Feinburg’s show. The topic will be Obama as president.


okay that interview is over. they first asked me for a full hour, then they asked for 30 minutes, and then that that was to be a 30 minute interview was cut to 13 minutes during the show.

odd, that I am not optimistic about Obama – only because he is surrounding himself with Rahm Israel Emmanuel, Hilary Clinton, and other neo-liberals/neo-con racists. Quite the contrary – the logic says that because he is surrounding himself with “mainstream” folks like Emmanuel and Clinton, he will therefore be able to make “incremental” change. hmm… perhaps it is because of my “passionate” nature, but I don’t follow that logic. Then again, I don’t follow the logic of thanking the oppressor for “incremental change” in oppression.



  1. well that radio announcer was annoying and retarded for not being able to pronounce your name properly, but you were fabulous as always!

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