Posted by: r.m. | November 17, 2008

hmm… new books

interesting new books

The Carbon Diaries 2015, by Saci Lloyd
It’s London 2015 and the UK has introduced carbon rationing. The diarist is Laura, a typical adolescent – hormonal, insecure, and self-deprecating – who has to endure the tribulations of adolescence while growing accustomed to drought, floods and considering how many points she will use charging her mobile. Lloyd’s attempts to encourage young people to consider the effects of climate change are a perfect example of how to blend an important message into an entertaining novel.”


Bad Science, by Ben Goldacre
In his weekly newspaper column, Ben Goldacre has made it his mission to uncover and expose the scientific scare stories and examples of ?bad science? that litter the media. From an expert with a mail-order PhD to debunking the myths of homeopathy, he talks the reader through some notable cases and shows how you don?t need a science degree to spot ?bad science? yourself.


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