Posted by: r.m. | November 19, 2008

another reason not to do cocaine

Cocaine users are destroying the rainforest – at 4m squared a gram … 300,000 hectares of rainforest were destroyed each year in Colombia to clear land for coca plant cultivation”

By the way, Lebanon is a transit country for cocaine (mainly from Colombia), and for heroin (from Turkey via Syria)



  1. I found it interesting that the UK has such large numbers in cocaine-abusers. This means more than possible addiction and dealing, it means gas and fuel emission to transport the coke, as well as using more and more land to cultivate the drug. I hope these facts actually do cause a reduction in cocaine-buyers, not only in the UK, but in all countries.

  2. It is very surprising to find out that we cut down thousand of trees and we destroy forests that do a lot of good to us for cocaine that causes harm to our health and our society than does any good to us. The money that is used to buy cocaine is going into tha hands of gangs like ” farc” that kill, kidnap, and use terrorism to protect their business. Such people are doing harm to our society in which we live in. More should be done to educate students, teenagers and the whole people about the consequences of the use of these drugs and how seriously they are affecting us.

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