Posted by: r.m. | November 19, 2008

pollution continues to kill…

… and the polluters continue to evade responsibility

Here is just one example

When people in Bhopal talk of the gas they are referring to the 40 tonnes of toxic chemicals that poured into the sky from an insecticide factory in the early hours of 3 December 1984, wreaking deadly havoc.

Up to 8,000 people died in the immediate aftermath, perhaps two and half times that in the subsequent months. But now, almost a quarter-century after the world’s worst industrial accident, campaigners are fighting to help a “second generation” of suffering Bhopalis who they say are victims of contaminated water and political and corporate neglect.”

…”no comprehensive study has been carried out into the after-effects of the gas or subsequent contamination of drinking water. … Indian authorities at all levels are afraid of scaring off foreign investors”



  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

  2. Why are we going so far to Bhopal? The same story can apply to Chekka (north lebanon), where we have contamination of sea water and an increased risk of cancer among the population.
    I think the Red Indian leader about whom Ziad Abi-Chaker spoke was right: after cutting the last tree, polluting the last river and killing the last fish, will they eat money?

  3. I never knew such a terrible accident occured.It’s sad to see how bad things happen to the unfortunate.I think the Indian government should fight for proper compensation, even if that means “scarring off foreign investors”.The health of the people should be much more important than money.I bet if the people affected by this pollution were of higher class, then the government would act.That’s so sad.

  4. There’s no doubt about it, this is a devastating accident, but what makes it worse is the ongoing effects the gas is having on the upcomming generations. They are marked with a silent curse, caused by the neglect of others. Proper cleaning and analysis of the possible effects the gas can have should be carried out, though i think that we can all agree that the mere fact that this incident happened in a third world country and mainly affects the poor, efforts will not be made any time soon.

  5. i’m running out of superlatives to talk about the disasters i read or hear or see (videos) about every day or so.
    the tragedy is that it is always the same story: poverty, political inertia or corruptness, and the greedy capitalism of the greedy human.
    i hope, and i don’t think for hoping that someone close to the heart(s) of the responsible(s) died or was hurt, so they will have been punished at least like that!

  6. This is linked to many historical environmental disasters such as the Chernobyl nuclear power plant catastrophe, Hiroshima, the oil spill in Alaska, as well as the damage done to the Lebanese beaches during the 2006 war. I was unaware of Bhopal, but I am sure there are more cases similar and causing the same amount of deaths and birth defects. It is sad because none of this is irreversible, and even more disappointing because these events do not end over night. As seen in Asia, these problems have been occuring 24 years after the gas explosion.

  7. its always about money!generations pay the price of the mistakes of the genrations before! we can see how much people suffer just because of some political greed! its like they are making the hoe planet as samples to be tested and at the end all of the us will end up dead its a matter of who can stay more! we are being treated like animals not that we are better than them in any way!
    in short its all about gaining a higher rank or position, and money!:(

  8. The tragedy of Bhopal has been continuing now for almost a quarter of a century. If this would have occured in US instead of India, if the 8000 people who died in the immediate aftermath and 20 000 in the following months would have been US citizens I doubt that it would have been ignored and shoved under “it´s not our responsibility” attitude. When in 2001 the Twin towers collapsed in which up to 3000 people have died, there was a world outcry. Memorial has been made to the victims, world leaders have send their sympathy letters with the ” world will never forget”.What is the difference in human death?There can be no comparison in people´s suffering and dying. The sheer numbers of innocent victims that died in Bhopal because of corporate greed,irresponsibility, neglect and indifference coupled with political inaction has resulted in an unforgivable continuation of suffering for the new generation in Bhopal

  9. This is the way it is all over the world. Corporations and governments are largely based on greed and inhumanity.
    the solutions to these tragedies lie in the prayers and actions of those of us who do care, to hold these agencies accountable, to vote such politicians outs, to sacrifice our own comforts to send aid or to go and help.

  10. A locked warehouse containing 340 tonnes of toxic gases! this tragedy in Bhopal has caused thousands of deaths. to the extent that people die in their sleep because of these gases. Yet till now nothing is being done about it to change this sad situation blaming it on the money. If people took precautions and had not been soo careless about pollution in the first place we wouldnt have arrived at this and lost a lot of lives as well.

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