Posted by: r.m. | November 25, 2008

and the solar power race takes off

are we (in the Arab world, and in Lebanon) in the race at all? or will we simply import energy from them?

Power in the desert: solar towers will harness sunshine of southern Spain
• Andalucia project will power 11,000 homes
• Technology exported to Morocco, Algeria and US



  1. The CSP technology is wonderful because it is non-polluting and releases no carbon. it is nature friendly. i think that we will reach a time where all the major coutries in this world will depend on this kind of technologies for collecting energy. i hope that in the future we see these kinds of solar plants in lebanon.

  2. this is fantastic!But it’s a pity that the arab countries and Lebanon aren’t doing the same.We have the proper conditions:deserts and a lot of sun.CSP technology is going to really help in cutting back on carbon release(at least i hope so).I just home the arab world adopts this technology soon.

  3. well, at least someone in gaza is working on solar power:

  4. What do we need to build a solar project similar to the CSP technology? Do we need money? Enough space? Solar energy? Well i guess we have all these elements. Space? Well we are cutting all our trees to build things that are not more effecient than the solar project. So we can find enough space to build something that can more help than harm us. Solar energy? Thank God the sun is still so powerful to make us profit from its energy. Now what about the money? You may ask youself how Lebanon can afford such a project. Well before we ask ourselves this question, did we ever wonder from where those people have money to buy the fancy cars of the year? We think we are a poor country, but is all its citizens poor? If ONE rich LEBANESE man decided not to buy the car made this year, and instead, keep his old last year car, can’t he afford to build half of the CPS technology built in Spain? Well of course he can, but well, what can I say other than being sorry for this country.

  5. Lets put things together, CSP :
    – is simple and efficient
    – needs clearskies and strong sunshine
    – renewble and clean
    – its cost will match that of fossil fuels

    mmm… Then why DOESNT THE ARAB WORLD USE IT??? The arab world has huge deserts and lots of money, it could invest in these CSP with granteed benefits. Spain used 1000 mirrors to power 11000 spanish houses, then if the arab world used a higher number of mirrors in its big deserts it will not only power arab homes but also houses in Europe…
    It’s a pity that the fossil fuels are still used as a source of energy, knowing tht they arent renewble and that they are making the climate change worst by increasing the carbon dioxide level!!! CSP will not only provide a solution for the power supply but also for the climate change which is threatening the whole world!

  6. On the long term, solar power will be of great benefit from the Arab world since it is always sunny and has vast spaces to build panels. Nevertheless, politically, the Arab world cannot make such drastic changes without the consent of Saudi Arabia which would rather sell oil. But also oil is going to dry out, and Saudi Arabia has maybe the biggest areas to put the solar panels.. Do u think they’d rather get rich now or later? In my opinion, we will be late-comers to this race too..

  7. The starting point for the development of both solar and wind farms begins with stripping the land bare and leveling it. Both require large plots of open land found outside of the cities that will receive the power generated. do u think it can work in lebanon espescially in bekaa or the south???

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