Posted by: r.m. | November 26, 2008

kick the habit

Here’s another reference that we just discussed. Quite interesting. Climate Change students take note.

Kick the Habit: A UN Guide to Climate Neutrality

and also see this site:



  1. it’s great to read this information. As always the UN is good at preaching and lousy at practicing. I would like to see them put a policy in place to reduce the ridiculous amount of 4WD diesel cars they use to drive from their pretty homes to work and back!

  2. well i do agree with the above comment. recently the UN launched a campaign to encouage people to kick the CO2 habit. It sounds all well and good..doesn’t it?? except for the fact that UN is quite busy encouraging us! ALL TALK BUT NO ACTION!

  3. It is very surprising to discover that we cut down thousand of trees and destroy forests, that benefit us in so many diiferent ways, for cocaine which causes more harm to us than good. The money that is used to buy cocaine is going into the hands af “Farc”, illegal groups, that kill, kidnap and use terrorism to protect their business. So people have to lay off the drugs which is also doing harm to the society in which find ourselves within. More should be done to educate students and the people about these serious effects that they dont seem to be aware of their seriousness.

  4. Adeeb, you’re so damn right… That’s what the UN is good at, preaching. But when it comes to serious things, we only hear echoes…

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